Taiji in Centenyal Park Sydney

This is our Training Place

Tai Chi 50 Days

Early morning in the park. 6-8 am. Standing within the paperbark grove it's still, sometimes cold or dark or about to get light. Actually always different.
Somehow just giving yourself this space at the beginning of the day to be here in this place is powerful enough. You begin to notice stuff normally missed.

Like the incredible changes in light, the extraordinary colours.
The golden light of the rising sun as it hits the paperbarks and the sprays golden shafts into the still semidarkness.
Some days it's cold and wet with a wind to add to the chill.
The reality of the changes from moment to moment become a constant reminder of the practise of the art of Tai Chi itself." The art of change" Open up and experience, really feel. Stay down and be still. It's in this environment learning and practice and play seem so much easier.
These story's go on. It`s is different every day, it's an opportunity to experience this amazing environment that we live in even though there are 4 million other people in Sydney.
It's as if we have found a way to experience it's beauty in the spaces between. In the places and the times unused by others.
And then there's the practice of Tai Chi itself. We come together as a group. Same time, same place everyday. Some days you can use the group energy to carry you or push you deeper.
Over time the energy seems to accumulate both inside and out. As a venue it seems easier to work in this same place you get more used or accustomed to the surroundings.
After many years of teaching trying different ways to get this art across, the 50 days in the morning is by far the most efficient one I've ever tried.
Just turning up everyday requires commitment. Working everyday and I do mean everyday really sets up a powerful way to learn this stuff.
Contact on a daily basis keeps the whole process really fresh. And it's within this freshness we rediscover or uncover that powerful relaxed naturalness of movement of relating.
Finding that stillness within our being by first letting go of the struggle to always be doing. To change the focus away from that constant chatter in our heads and just spread our awareness throughout our bodies and begin the process of letting go.
Getting to reconnect with our bodies some have described this feeling like a coming home and in a way it is.
The letting go of the stuff, where we are using our own energy to struggle against ourselves, becomes a peeling away of layers and layers of patterning and holding.

Centenial Park Info

Parkes Dr. Centennial Park NSW 2021, Australien
GPS: -33.896196, 151.232497