Taiji in Centenyal Park Sydney


Tai Chi 50 Days

Next course starts: 8th November.
Monday-Friday 6-8 am
Saturday 7-10 am
Sunday 7-9 am

The 50 day morning intensive is designed to dissolve the outer layers of physical and psychological resistance and directly contact the inner core of Tai Chi and establish it in your daily routine. Practiced outdoors amongst trees in the early morning creating a powerful experience and rapid progress.


Next course starts:To be announced.
Beginners Evening Classes Short courses, usually 10 sessions over 5 weeks. Designed for entry-level students. Giving an introduction into the core principles of tai chi. Practiced late in the day, a perfect opportunity to clear the body, rebalance energy and quieten the mind.
Course will cover the following.
The loosening exercises.
The simple repetitive movements trains the main principles of Tai Chi such as relaxing the muscles, opening the joints and realigning the body structure with gravity.
Standing meditation.
This involves mental relaxation and the development of clear awareness.
Starting the body as the object of concentration, we move beyond the mental noise and into the living field of energy, a deep awareness of now.

Weekend Workshops

Next course starts: 29th-30th November
For committed students developing body awareness for a deeper understanding of internal strength and mind/body alignment intensive retreats are a serious practitioner's opportunity to truly develop mind/body resourcefulness.

Teacher Training

For advanced practitioners leading to a professional teaching role. Requires certain prerequisites and assessments.

Individual Consultations

Private tuition is available at a convenient time for people with busy schedules or those who wish to increase their rate of progress or focus on individual needs.

International Workshops

These workshops are conducted in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands in October each year.

Zürich 2018

Starts Thursday 11 october till Sunday 14 october, each afternoon 1-6pm.
The workshops in Zürich are organised by Urs Handschin.
Urs is a Senior Tai Chi instructor and runs a school in Zurich teaching this method.
He is the main organiser for Tonys workshops in Europe.
Further information on workshop dates, times, cost, and venue klick here